Top 5 Heavy Equipment Manufacturers Across World

1- Caterpillar (US): Caterpillar Inc. is a master in Production Equipment Machinery and has remained a well-known name in the business for last 90 years. With more than US$89 billion in assets, Caterpillar is drafted number one in its enterprise and aggregate 44 overall in the Fortune 500 Businesses List. Recognizable for the unique “CAT” logo painted on its yellow vehicles, the U.S.-based company manufactures, designs, markets and sells machinery, engines, commercial products and insurance to worldwide buyers via a universal dealer channels.

2- Komatsu Ltd (Japan): Komatsu Ltd. is Japanese multinational business that produces construction, mining, army and industrial equipment. The Tokyo-based Komatsu was formed in 1917 that further provide a broad collection of trucks and agricultural equipment. Komatsu Iron Works was originated by Takeuchi Mining Industry as a subordinate to produce mechanical mechanisms for the origin organization. Komatsu ultimately grew large enough to trade to the society also was revolved away on May 13, 1921, as Komatsu Ltd.

3- Hitachi (Japan): One of the most esteemed names in the production equipment industry is Hitachi. In 1910 introduced, the Japanese company makes a broad range of construction and mining equipment containing excavators, dump trucks, loaders, and cranes. Hitachi Construction Machinery builds anti-personnel landmine extraction machine meant on excavators. IT is grown by Yamanashi Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. following the guidance of Kiyoshi Amemiya, the president.

4- Volvo (Sweden): Endowed in 1927, The Swedish organization Volvo is one of the most familiar personages in the global automotive industry. Arguably best-known for their exceptionally well-built machines, Volvo is also a noted manufacturer of heavy equipment covering trucks, buses, and a full array of mining and construction machinery. The organization also allows a broad range of additions and presents service and part distribution throughout the universe.

5- Terex (US): The U.S.- based Terex provides a variety of production and mining equipment for a global clientele. The group was lighted by Gerald Williamson in 1925, and its apparatus is engaged in over 170 countries. The Terex product line is composed of cranes, aerial platforms, mining equipment, and road building engine. Today, there are more than fifty Terex product facilities around the world.